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Where do I start with this article.. Perhaps with a nifty introduction describing how I finally encountered what I imagine to be “writer’s block”.  The gruelling timespan of the last couple months that have left with me almost little-to-no inspiration to continue to write that arose from virtually nowhere. Usually after I’m presented the challenge of dissolving these visual and music journeys we’ve accepted to understand as “events” into a clear and precise written interpretation, it all -just- comes together. I’ve never had a rhyme or reason as to why my writing appealed to the masses. It – just- did (or does, hopefully). Whether it was accepting that my previous catalog of experiences had reached it’s last twig, upon the last limb, of the decaying tree I knew as  moardubstep.com or finally relocating to the beautiful metropolis Saint Louis with the two beautiful ladies that have graced my presence the last year – I was stumped. I was frustrated. How do you re-obtain a talent you never understood how you possessed? Where do you search for “X”, “Y”, and “Z” in the equation if you never comprehended there were such variables? After nearly four months of stagnant writing behavior, cue the picturesque autumn night of November 2nd, 2013 at the illustrious galleria 2720 Cherokee.

Before we get ahead of ourselves,  «« REWIND TO November 1ST (Day before event)

Admittedly, upon receiving my invitation to see both XXYYXX and Sholohmo, I had almost zero knowledge of who they were (beyond their aliases), what type of music they produced, where they’ve traveled along their tour, or even their originating countries. Were they Canadian? Did they traverse across the Atlantic to get here? Or was it the Pacific… Do they produce dubstep? Or was it another up-and-coming trap artist? Seeing as how I’ve neglected to attempt follow any new acts within the last year, there is a good chance I’ve allowed lot of good music to fly under the radar.  My ignorance presented a challenge that required some homework. Luckily, my homework is in the form of music and the weather was wonderful outside so I loaded up the trusty Samsung S4 with a three month old Soundcloud mix entitled “FADER MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix: XXYXX” and did what I do best when I need to think clearly: jogged.


I immediately understood that every thought process that transpired within the last couple of hours was completely wrong. The distinctive sounds emanating from my ear buds were nearly impossible to place within a genre. This hodgepodge of music was synonymous with the rhythm of my exercise. As I continued to push further around Tower Grove Park, Marcel Everrett, or musically recognized as “XXYYXX” laid new tracks that breathed light to my knowledge of music much like oxygen did to my lungs for my exercise. It almost seemed as if each progressive bassline and funky melody barely nudged the leaves out of the trees, cascading into their new resting home on the pavement. Of course, as quickly as I got lost into the mix, I found myself fading back to reality as the mix reduced to the black nothingness. Within this 30 minute mix, I was introduced to a completely new to me sound and all the hype surrounding this event made sense – XXYYXX’s music is BEAUTIFUL.


Otherwise known as “XXYYXX“, Marcell Everrett is an extremely talented electronic music producer from the beautiful state of Florida. More impressive than his alias is the fact that he began pursuing his passion at the ripe age of 15. Of course, he was in a band for two years before that. Fast forward three birthdays, several EPs, and a successful self-titled album “XXYYXX” (amongst other album releases), he’s managed to establish a worldwide phenomenon surrounding his critically acclaimed production values. Combine all of these accomplishments with a US fall tour spanning the midwest, we feel as if this is all a major precursor to something much more “lavish”.

Or is “lavish” the correct word? Even if you only took five minutes to sift through his Soundcloud page showcasing tracks such as “Pay Attention”, or the newly added “Angel”, you’d realize this word may not be so fitting. A production style so diverse and unfitting of any genre can only conceived by a person equally as interesting. Blazing through the internet for information surrounding this seemingly mysterious character will only present you information as abstract as his music. Nothing too revealing – only enough information to keep you wanting more.


Who IS Shlohmo?

Shlohmo, a.k.a Henry Laufer, is yet another artist that releases music that is extremely tricky to place within a set of boundaries. It’s no secret as to why this California native is amidst a tour with “XXYYXX”;both artists produce sensual, baby making music and both derive inspiration from each others’ work. Over the course of a number of emotional remixes, EPs and a successful full length album entitled “Bad Vibes”, Shlohmo has established himself as a default character within this recent uprising of R&B/hip-hop remixes and future bass sounds.


Now this all makes sense. »» Fast Forward to November 2nd, 2720 Cherokee

Having arrived at around 10 P.M. and unfortunately missing most of the opening act’s performances, I immediately noticed the air was already thick and the dance floor was surprisingly packed.  Considering it was so young in the night and having a dance floor mostly comprised of a younger, “hipper” audience hinted towards one thing and one thing only: this show was going to be as good as the hype led up to believe.  Shortly before the show, Pleasure (opening artist, Connector Presents) could be found boasting about the fact that he had 72 tracks that needed to be condensed in half for his performance. Low and behold as usual, Pleasure kept to his word and unleashed an energetic set comprised of 35 originals, including a few unreleased entitled “How I feel 4 u” and “emotionally intertwined”. The beautiful nature of a Pleasure performance is unpredictability. While his repeated presence in the midwest has concreted excellence next to any project Sean McCarthy decides to mingle with, you’re still kept wondering what tricks he’s got up his sleeve every time he’s on the stage.



All the hype and anxiety (yes, I had slight anxiety -.-) about discovering this new-to-me music was shortly dissolved after a brief introduction and bid of reassurance from the man himself, Shlohmo. Thick, robust and pulsing bass lines quickly entered the atmosphere as Shlohmo laid the foundation for the therapeutic melody to follow. Slow, articulated brightly colored mechanical moving heads assisted in creating a atmosphere suited for discovery, love, and more importantly – baby making. Shlohmo continued to relentlessly fill the room with an extremely elongated, trappy chopped and screwed R&B sensual seduction that sounded all the more impressive with 2720’s responsive sound system. My perception of time proved inconsistent with reality because before I knew it, XXYYXX already began to make his presence known. After a short Based God introduction on behalf of a Lil B sample, the crowd ascended into the universe of XXYYXX’s artistic impression as his fans know it. Back and forth, heads and bodies wobbled to their best of their ability to maintain synchronicity with a constant fluctuation of tempo ranging from slow and rhythmic downtempo, to an upbeat, percussion-laced trance behind psychedelic female lyrics. Usually I’m pretty excited to be able to recognize certain tracks an artist throws down throughout the night;however, on this night I was completely content with now knowing the name of a single track. November 2ND was filled with a night of discovery and unearthed a passion for this new-to-me music. Every act, from Pleasure to XXYYXX, brought their “A” game and was greatly appreciated. Until next time, Shlohmo and XXYYXX stay saved into my musical archives.

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