Beat Machine “The Lesson” – review by Daily Steeze

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taken from: Daily Steeze

written by Jessica Radtke

Beat Machine – The Lesson

Beat Machine - The Lesson

Music producers Spankalicious and Plunkie have joined musical forces to create their recent duo, Beat Machine.  I was shocked when I took a look at the lyrics of this track, which were written by Spankalicious himself. “The Lesson” will hopefully open your eyes to some of the wrong things going on in the EDM scene (as far as irresponsible drug use goes). The track talks about the importance of using legal test kits to know what you are taking, and to not just trust the dealer you run into randomly at a festival or show. Everyone deserves and needs to know what they are putting into their body. Its important to spread the word and the love behind  responsible drug use because as more people are getting into this music scene, the more greedy, irresponsible, and immoral things are happening all around us! Its time to educated yourselves and your friends about using drugs safely if you/they so choose to experiment with substances, before it is decremental to the music we all love so much. I’m very excited to see the direction that Beat Machine is taking their music, the positively in their songs may just mend of the damages we have created. So listen closely, and take some advice from two men who have been in the scene for over a decade.


“I’d like to teach a lesson, about deception.
And by the end of this you might just be confessing.
Because the subject matter, it’s a bit touchy.
Alot of you like to tell your friends
“Hey Bro, trust me”

But that’s the thing about the words that come up out ya mouth.
That’s supposed to be your word, what the fuck you’re about.
So if you think your funny passing off that bullshit…
Making money off the greed that makes the people sick….

I’m calling you out here, right now.
The Bunk Police and Dance safe will show you how
if the shit turns yellow, I’m sorry but it’s fake.
But if it fizzles purple/black make no mistake.

Now I know the money makes you feel BIG.
Smoke whatever you want, buy some toys for the kids.
Spending money on material things that you wanted
now you can’t pay back what your homeboy fronted!

Greedy motherfuckers, your stealing all the money.
Putting fake drugs into good kids, and thinking that it’s funny.
I’m tired of seeing kids in the woods floppin’ out
with their eyes rolled back, straight foaming at the mouth!

The lesson that I’m trying to teach you,
there’s some shady people here that only came to cheat you.
If he doesn’t have a test kit to prove his shit is real
take those wings off his hat and tell him “Learn how to deal!”

The lesson that I’m trying to teach you,
there’s some shady people here that only came to cheat you.
If you don’t have a test kit to prove your shit is real,
you need to STOP KILLING KIDS with these FAKE ASS PILLS!”


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PlunkiE – new EP & new promo video – “Get Plunk’d”

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Connector artist PlunkiE released a new 4-track EP “Get Plunk’d” this week of original productions and remixes. They are all available for FREE DOWNLOAD on his soundcloud page. In conjunction with the new EP he unveiled the promo video for the track “Outer Limits” Check out the music and the video, both are linked below:


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