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Ana Sia Hi Res


Who is Ana Sia?

Repping her home town of San Fransisco, Ana Sia is infiltrating one dance floor, festival ground, and ear bud at a time with her soulful, sensual, energetic and upbeat musical adventures. From more intimate club gatherings to worldwide music festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ana Sia is blazing through performance after performance with style and vigor. Regardless of whether you’re listening to her live or at home, you can’t help but feel confident about yourself and ready to fuck some shit up at the same time. ¡Woah!, a little violent – I agree;however, this beautiful bundle of emotions you experience while she’s laying down tracks is the exact reason she’s a yearly veteran of 2720 Cherokee. In fact, while I’m typing this, a colorful mix 40 minute mix on behalf of VICE’s sister company THUMP  is blazing through my speakers. Blending the sounds of a Squarehead’s remix of 2003’s “Never Leave You” by Lumidee and the mysterious Jean Nipon’s “Coming At You”, Ana Sia manages to construct an elegant mental image of her bouncing and juking on the stage, directing the speeding traffic otherwise known as the dance floor. And that’s only the first ten minutes of the mix. Did I mention this is the third time I’ve rinsed through the entire mix in two hours? “Time flies when you are having fun.”



Who is Haywyre?

Another seemingly perfect fit for this birthday celebration show, Haywyre’s production widely varies from glitch, classical, funk, soul, jazz, and much more. Haywyre’s music is a flamboyant composition of high energy and genre-bending experimentation, all while maintaining a certain sophistication that could only be achieved with a jazz and classical musical background. In fact, during his “A Song Per Week” project, Haywyre released 11 distinctive tracks that ranged from new singles, remixes and even authentic piano compositions leading up to his full-length album “Two Fold”. Although the project has since been completed, it is a shining example of his relentless work ethic and respect for perfection. Even with Facebook comment after comment praising his production quality, Haywyre’s devotion to self improvement solidifies our affirmation for his powerful popularity uprising.

Interview with Ana Sia

[CONNECTOR] Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a couple questions before your arrival this weekend! Saint Louis has been a yearly celebration on your behalf quite some time now. A new performance each year in the same city unleashes the possibility of growing with your crowd and gaining the ability to create your own “niche market” as you please. How have you utilized this advantage to sculpt your experience for our (Saint Louis, MO) audience each year?

[Ana Sia] It really allows me & my fans to build a strong trust system, like within any relationship. Having people return to my shows, allowing them into my weird world of music, & asking them to trust me w/ their time & attention is really the core of touring. So again & again as I frequent these markets annually, the relations only get stronger & I trust that everyone who knows me through this medium, is down for exploring all the boundary-pushing music that I love to play & they know I will never let them down.

[CONNECTOR] It’s no secret 2013 was jam packed with a slew of hi capacity performances ranging from Electric Forest, to the most recent Symbiosis Gathering in California. Combine that with a countless amount of club and small venue appearances, you stay on the grind year in and year out. As with any profession, there are some unintended lessons bound to arise throughout your journey. What is one incident, small or large, that has stuck with you each year?

[Ana Sia] I really try to not get carried away w/ the party, I hold a lot of responsibility at all the dates I’m on! So … waking up in an airport 3 hours past my flight slumped over in a chair was not the look. That has never happened again.

[CONNECTOR] Keeping your lessons learned in consideration, has your overall intent slightly changed over the years or have you remained fairly consistent with your initial message through and through?

[Ana Sia] I’ve had the same mission statement since day one; I want to entertain people, get everyone out of their head & into their bodies & create a space to play & explore.

[CONNECTOR] A couple of weeks ago you released two new originals and remixes to be released on Hot N Heavy Recordings titled “the Glass Delusion” and “Ad Out”. I’m really terrible at describing music, but both tracks sort of paint an early “1990’s club” picture in my head. I Envision strobing lights, terrible hair cuts, and brightly colored clothing. And yet, I can’t wait to hear the tracks on a decent sound system. Regardless of how terribly off I may be (lol), what were your inspirations towards these releases?

[Ana Sia] These tunes are out next week, i think.. It’s nothing new, I’m not re-writing genre’s. These tunes are just my informed takes on house & techno. The remixes present a slightly edgier finish. My tastes are ever evolving & these tunes are a product of where my mind was just at. Sort of bored w/ all the knock-off trap & wanting to hear & create tunes that make you bounce upright instead of hand swatting.

[CONNECTOR] Furthermore, what is the oddest place inspiration came knocking at your door?

[Ana Sia] Inspiration births from a lot of places. Not to sound all sad-girl, but a lot of mine comes from traveling solo & just being alone or even lonely w/ all the shit that’s running through my head.

[CONNECTOR] At the end of the night when patrons are closing their tab and stumbling off the dance floor, what emotions do you hope to have enabled them to feel throughout the night?

[Ana Sia] I only ever hope people are stoked that they heard something different & feel moved even if they didn’t like it. That’s art, isn’t it?

Finally, we’d like to thank you for answering these quick questions before your arrival Saturday 🙂

Saturday, November 16, 2013
2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center
2720 Cherokee Street
St. Louis, MO 63118

Doors 10PM
Music 10:30PM – 1:00AM
$10 adv |  $12 dos + $3 surcharge for under 21

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