Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Filibusta Wins The Untz Challenge

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It’s a proud week for Connector. Our man Filibusta claimed victory in The Untz Challenge V. The competition among 75 finalists was fierce, but after 3,700 votes were cast, Filibusta (aka Troy Probst) was the top recipient of votes. Here’s the fresh future funk song that led him to the win.

Winning the contest means he gets to play at the top festivals across the U.S. this summer. You can catch him at any of the below festivals.

I got the opportunity to chat a little bit with Troy about his win, as well as what lies ahead in his very bright future…

Ellie SalrinCongratulations on winning The Untz contest! Can you tell me a little bit about the song you selected, and the experience of the competition as a whole?

Troy Probst: This year was my 3rd and final year in the Untz Challenge, so I’m definitely glad I could go out with a bang! The song I selected for the contest is a glitch hop track w/ a funky vibe that will be released on my upcoming album, “Set Lasers to Funk!” Even though I wasn’t quite finished with it, I chose it because it’s a good sample of the musical direction I’ve been going in lately.

One thing I’ve learned about the contest over the years is that it isn’t over until its over. The first year I entered I was up by 50-100 votes in the second week, and lost by 200-300 in the last week. This year I made sure I got a good lead early on and kept it going by getting new people to vote every day and making sure they followed the directions to vote.

ESYou recently debuted another instrument into your set…the keytar. How did you end up learning how to play that, and are there any other instruments or equipment you’d like to incorporate into your production in the future?

TP: In the studio I use the keyboard to produce probably 90% of the time. I recently started incorporating the keyboard in my live sets, but because I found myself picking it up and playing it like a violin, I decided to purchase a keytar. It’s not much different from a regular keyboard, except you wear it like a guitar. In the near future, I plan to add electric guitar to my live set…and possibly someone to play live drums…but we’ll see what happens within the next year.

ESWhat are some of the main inspirations for you when making music?

TP: Honestly, listening to music outside of electronic music is what inspires me the most. To me, its all about bridging the gap between bands and EDM. It’s that new sound thats attractive to both sides, thats makes the people dance.

ES: What advice do you have for aspiring musicians looking to break into the industry?

TP: Produce music that’s pleasing to the ear, learn how to network, and STAY HUMBLE.

ESIs there anything else about yourself we don’t know that we should?

TP: Wouldn’t be much of a secret if I told you, would it?


The man is clearly on the right path, so keep you eyes and ears out for this cat at whatever festival you end up at this summer, in addition to the rest of his tour dates.


THANK YOU to all that took the time to vote. Without all of our bitchin’ teamwork, we wouldn’t be here right now. Much love – The Connector Crew



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