Liquid Stranger + KJ Sawka + Part Human + DJ Werk Event Preview

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Are you all ready for some heavy ass bass tomorrow or what? Seriously, we’re bringing in the big guns on this one, and by big guns, I mean PK subs – the best of the best when it comes to sound systems – to provide optimal, full-bodied sound. This is a lineup people in San Fran and Denver are begging for folks. Come get in on this.


Hope you are ready for some strange liquid bass from a hooded bandit. Liquid Stranger (aka Martin Stääf) is an industry heavyweight, having founded several record labels and collectives, all while releasing a total of eight albums over the course of his career.


Stääf just released his EP Renegade Crusade on Interchill Records, which he describes as a collision of dubstep sorcery and Rastafarian dance grooves. The mindblowing video below was made for one of the songs. The man is unstoppable and has more material, an album titled Anomaly, coming out on May 12th. Music has been in this Swedish producer’s blood from a young age, and it’s been impressive to see how his style has metamorphosized over the years.


We will also be welcoming KJ Sawka to our stage. He is an insanely talented drummer, having just spent two years touring with Australian electronic rock band Pendulum. He is also the drummer for Destroid, a heavy metal meets heavy bass supergroup with Excision and Downlink. He really doesn’t do too many solo sets, so this is going to be a treat.


Part Human (aka Brad Vorbeck) is a rising Connector artist. His debut EP, Neural Distortion, is being released at this event and we’re looking forward checking out what he has in store for us.

DJ Werk (aka Adam Burmeister) is a dubstep and drum and bass artist from St. Louis. He’s worked in every aspect of live music from promotion to production, and founded his own label, Wreckn Records. He’ll be getting the party started for us.

It’s going to be a night of some wonderfully heavy sounds, and you will probably look like this most of the time.


Yours truly is comin’ down from Peoria and am ready to get my brain rattled. But more importantly, it is Pleasure’s birthday so ladies, please see me if you’re interested in giving him a birthday lapdance and I’ll put you on the list if you meet the requirements. Fellas, buy him drinks all night; I’ll be enforcing this.

See you all tomorrow night.

Saturday, May 10, 2014
2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center
2720 Cherokee Street
St. Louis, MO 63118

Doors 8PM
Music 9PM – 1:00AM
$17 adv |  $20 dos + $5 surcharge for under 21



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Filibusta releases Stardust Redux

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Pleasure discuess his latest venture the “Trill Kill Kult” with The Untz

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Date: Aug 30, 2013 (Friday)

By: Natty Morrison

The concept of a collective is not something new in the dance music scene. In fact, with the regularity of remixes upon remixes and the popularity of sharing stems between labelmates, it could be suggested that the entire industry is one large collective, trying to make something new out of found materials. But as crews like L.A.’s Team Supreme and Chicago’s Push Beats grow larger with each weekly compilation drop, it seems that the concept of a “beat cypher” is becoming the new standard for artists looking to produce outside-the-box.  Last week, Trill Kill Kult released its first volume and quickly jumped to over 1,000 plays on Soundcloud.  Headed up by Sean McCarthy, aka The Car Thief, aka Pleasure, the collective is looking to do something different. I sat down with McCarthy for a strange, albeit enlightening discussion on the new collective known as Trill Kill Kult.

What was the genesis for the Trill Kill Kult? Who was initially involved in its inception?

Well I was born and raised West Philadelphia. Most of my days were spent on the playground where we’d chill out, max, relax and shoot some baskets. Just kidding, you see what I did there? Sorry I was watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air a little while ago. The genesis was something strange. It happened out of nowhere. I awoke one night to five cloaked figures in my bedroom. They levitated me from the bed and teleported to what I would guess would be another dimension outside time itself. They sat me down and spoke a in a strange tongue that I had never heard before but somehow understood every word. The conversation went on for what seemed liked hours. Before I could speak a single word I was rushed back into the teleportation tunnel of sorts and landed with a thud back into my bed. I was given a plan and it was time to carry out my orders. Did I mention I got to meet Jay-Z and Riff Raff that night too? Jokes on jokes. Initially, the producers involved in the project were Crimes!, Dark Grey, Durt Russell, Ghost Science, Have That, Richie August (Formally of Hulk) Young Live, Zombass, and both of my production aliases Pleasure and The Car Thief. Then each artist was allowed to select or “anoint” another producer into the creative collective that they felt would be a good fit for the family.

What makes a Trill Kill artist?

That’s a tough question. Each artist is very different in how they sound and approach music. I’d guess what makes a Trill Kill artist is a total love for music and pushing sound in the present as far into the future as possible. I hate to talk for everyone on this one. I believe we all have a different view of this but if you asked anyone this question each artist would fall into the answer given by the artist asked.

Can you define the Trill Kill sound? Not only musically, but perhaps aesthetically?

Aesthetically I’d say it’s the DeLorean from back to the future plated in gold, stretched out into a limo sitting on triple dipped gold Daytons with a few Spanish girls wearing bikinis working it in the hot tub popping bottles of champagne.

Are you solely in charge of curating the artist list, or is it a collectively driven decision? Can you describe the process for assembling the TKK team?

This is one of the few things I can’t really talk about. It’s very secretive how the creative collective was formed. It was a very strict and vigorous selection and initiation process Lots of time travel and teleporting went on. Jet lag has nothing on how you feel after that, trust me.  I talk a little about this in the first question. I hope the elders aren’t upset with me for that one.

Trill Kill Kult

Which artists are you most excited to hear submissions from?

Honestly I’m excited for every single musical composition. Each artist has their own unique and amazing sound and approach to music. It’s going to be so awesome to hear everything together. One single idea with so many different approaches.

How does the sample selection process usually work? Is it decided week-by-week, artist to artist?

The sample selection is a weekly thing. Each week a different producer picks a set of 5 samples and 2 vocals samples along with a BPM. They have total freedom on their choices for the week.

Do you see this more as a beat cypher kind of situation? Or is this a collective you could see joining forces to start a label?

For now it’s going to be a beat cypher thing much like the Team Supreme movement. That’s where a lot of the inspiration came from for this idea. I was recently in California and was lucky enough to attend one of their events. I was blown away by their sense of family and the vibe they all gave off up together; just feeding off of each other’s energy in a beautiful way. I came back to the Midwest extremely inspired, to say the least. I mean, if this idea takes off and people like what the collective is doing I’d love to see it become an avenue for the artist to release music out to the masses. We’ll see how everything goes. Right now we just want to have some fun and make some cool music.

What do you think are the merits of collaborative work like this? Do you feel it heightens creative output? Or is it simply a way to work outside the box?

I think collaboration like this is going to create some awesome experiences for everyone involved. I feel like the people selected are going to vibe off each other’s energy and creative juices so much. I hope everyone just blows the roof off each beat created. I picture kind of like playing basketball with your friends and doing trick shots. It’s kind of like of “Check this out!” You hit a half-court shot and, boom, everyone goes nuts and now it has to be upped with, say a half-court shot over the rafters or something. Everyone’s juices get flowing and progress and production happens.

Do you think there are any live performance implications for this collective (i.e. Do we have a Trill Kill Kult concert series our tour to look forward to?)

Oh man that would be so sick! Right? I mean this idea just came out of the womb. But in the future that would be awesome. A few artists on stage with some MPCs, APCs, Keyboards and their laptops full of their sounds and just freestyle and vibe off each other; everyone switching instruments and playing off each other sounds. A bit of practice but almost all improv. How rad would that be? Anything is possible. It’d be cool to see that one day.

If you could select any artist, no matter how impossible he or she may be to contact, to join the collective, who would it be?

Oh man this is such a tough one. I love so much music, past present and future. I’m going to go with Prince. You can never go wrong with Prince.


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Short highlight video of Vaski in St. Louis / Aug 30, 2013

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August 2013 – Video hightlights of the Vaski show in St. Louis at 2720 Cherokee

Thanks to Jim for the awesome video!


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Photo’s from the Daft Punk tribute with One More Time

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St. Louis, MO
Aug 15, 2013

Photos by Sean Kelly

To see all photos: Click Here






To see all photos: Click Here

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Beat Machine “The Lesson” – review by Daily Steeze

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taken from: Daily Steeze

written by Jessica Radtke

Beat Machine – The Lesson

Beat Machine - The Lesson

Music producers Spankalicious and Plunkie have joined musical forces to create their recent duo, Beat Machine.  I was shocked when I took a look at the lyrics of this track, which were written by Spankalicious himself. “The Lesson” will hopefully open your eyes to some of the wrong things going on in the EDM scene (as far as irresponsible drug use goes). The track talks about the importance of using legal test kits to know what you are taking, and to not just trust the dealer you run into randomly at a festival or show. Everyone deserves and needs to know what they are putting into their body. Its important to spread the word and the love behind  responsible drug use because as more people are getting into this music scene, the more greedy, irresponsible, and immoral things are happening all around us! Its time to educated yourselves and your friends about using drugs safely if you/they so choose to experiment with substances, before it is decremental to the music we all love so much. I’m very excited to see the direction that Beat Machine is taking their music, the positively in their songs may just mend of the damages we have created. So listen closely, and take some advice from two men who have been in the scene for over a decade.


“I’d like to teach a lesson, about deception.
And by the end of this you might just be confessing.
Because the subject matter, it’s a bit touchy.
Alot of you like to tell your friends
“Hey Bro, trust me”

But that’s the thing about the words that come up out ya mouth.
That’s supposed to be your word, what the fuck you’re about.
So if you think your funny passing off that bullshit…
Making money off the greed that makes the people sick….

I’m calling you out here, right now.
The Bunk Police and Dance safe will show you how
if the shit turns yellow, I’m sorry but it’s fake.
But if it fizzles purple/black make no mistake.

Now I know the money makes you feel BIG.
Smoke whatever you want, buy some toys for the kids.
Spending money on material things that you wanted
now you can’t pay back what your homeboy fronted!

Greedy motherfuckers, your stealing all the money.
Putting fake drugs into good kids, and thinking that it’s funny.
I’m tired of seeing kids in the woods floppin’ out
with their eyes rolled back, straight foaming at the mouth!

The lesson that I’m trying to teach you,
there’s some shady people here that only came to cheat you.
If he doesn’t have a test kit to prove his shit is real
take those wings off his hat and tell him “Learn how to deal!”

The lesson that I’m trying to teach you,
there’s some shady people here that only came to cheat you.
If you don’t have a test kit to prove your shit is real,
you need to STOP KILLING KIDS with these FAKE ASS PILLS!”


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Bass Coma releases a remix of “Yen” by Pyramid Juke & Ookay

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Take a listen, let us know what you think.

More Bass Coma here


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PlunkiE – new EP & new promo video – “Get Plunk’d”

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Connector artist PlunkiE released a new 4-track EP “Get Plunk’d” this week of original productions and remixes. They are all available for FREE DOWNLOAD on his soundcloud page. In conjunction with the new EP he unveiled the promo video for the track “Outer Limits” Check out the music and the video, both are linked below:


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