PlunkiE (Springfield, MO) – When PlunkiE plugs his brainwaves into the stereo, anticipate the speakers and room to be filled beyond the brim with a lively effervescent painting of blindingly bright color palettes and kaleidoscope waterfalls pouring down the walls, crashing into each other, and creating a vision for you.

Plunkie, who has been a DJ/Producer for nearly a decade, has been crushing and mixing some of the most delicious sounds in the scene. He has transformed into his own in recent years, producing a rare but dynamic style gaining traction in the underground & that appears to be shifting the movement towards a new notch on the EDM belt. In 2012 alone, he shared the stage with some largely respected names in the industry, such as Figure, Calvertron, Griz, Herobust, KOAN sound, Vaski, & Dieselboy, just to name a few. 

Grinding his way to the top, Ryan Plunkett or Plunkie, wants to create something positive and uplifting that does nothing short of getting the party poppin’! If you’ve ever witnessed him live you’ll definitely agree, he’s somehow found and harnessed this intense vim & vigor energy that he funnels into his sets, 151 proof, speaking to the crowd through his music, igniting the room into a radiant frenzy, sending everyone home glowing. If you’ve yet to experience a show, it’s most definitely one to not miss in the future.

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