Caspa + Rusko – St. Louis

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Connector goes crazy and hosts Caspa and Rusko over two nights in St. Louis

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Facebook Event: HERE

Caspa + Rusko + The Others + Widdler + Late Night Radio + JPhelpz + many others – 2 day event!

St. Louis are you ready! Two nights of electronic music this November with some of the globes best talent and producers.

Night 1 at 2720 Cherokee:
Caspa + The Others + Part Human + JMetz + Mohawk + Meechie + Lo Inception
Doors: 7PM
Music 8PM – 1AM

Night 2 at Old Rock House:
Rusko + Widdler + Late Night Radio + JPhelpz + Bommer + PlunkiE + MedusA + Taste of Bass + Dr. Awkward
Doors: 7PM
Music: 8PM – 3AM

This is a bass music lovers dream – both nights will feature heavy bass delivered by PK SOUND

+live art both nights

TICKETS for both nights:
Tier 1: $40
Tier 2: $45
Tier 3: $50




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The Mothership Tour – Skrillex + Dillon Francis + What So Not + More Event Preview

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Love him or hate him, Skrillex is coming to St. Louis’ Chaifetz Arena next Tuesday, along with his whole caravan of industry heavyweights. Next Tuesday, June 17, prepare for a balls-to-the-wall evening with Skrill, Dillon Francis, What So Not, and Milo & Otis. If you haven’t heard the news, our strapping Connector artists Filibusta and Pleasure have been approved by Skrillex’s management to open up for the damn thing, so send them some love as they ascend on their first arena performance.

My first introduction to California native Skrillex (aka Sonny Moore) was in his post-hardcore band From First to Last when I was in high school. It took me awhile to grasp him moving from that to an electronic music producer, but hey, you gotta do what makes you happy. His influence has grown exponentially since he began producing, having claimed six Grammys in addition to founding OWSLA records. The label is now home to artists like Rusko, Figure, Koan Sound, and Skream. In the dust of his most recent release “Recess,” he is taking The Mothership all over the country this summer while continuing to work on new material. His heavy sound and monstrous production will no doubt be mind blowing, and we can’t wait to see what he and his motley crew do to our ears.


Dillon Francis took to the scene as one of Diplo’s discoveries. He is credited as a pioneer of moombahton and his unique take on trap, dubstep, and beyond is refreshingly crispy. His tracks make their way into the sets of the likes of Rusko and Major Lazer, and his influence in the industry is continuing to grow.

Aussie producers What So Not got scooped by OWSLA a couple years ago. Their tracks have a melodic synth intertwined with gritty drops and a smooth, full bodied sound weaving all the way through. Fellow Sydney, Australia natives Milo & Otis are an indubitable duo of heavy bass music with a trap accent. You have to give props to this group of individuals who are all between the ages of 22-26. Pretty good age to be playing arena shows…wouldn’t you say?


After the madness, get on over to the after party, which will be kickin’ until dawn. Since the Connector crew will be there in full force, prepare for things to get weird. Located at OZ Nightclub, we’ll have plenty of room (and plenty of bass) to continue the shenanigans. Our boys Filibusta and Pleasure will be throwing down alongside Taste of Bass, Goodness Gracious, and Quasar Camp. See you all there!


after partyeventSHOW INFO:
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Chaifetz Arena
1 South Compton Ave
St. Louis, MO 93103

Doors 5:30 PM
Music 6PM – 11PM
Ages 16+
$52.80 + Fees







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Liquid Stranger + KJ Sawka + Part Human + DJ Werk Event Preview

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Are you all ready for some heavy ass bass tomorrow or what? Seriously, we’re bringing in the big guns on this one, and by big guns, I mean PK subs – the best of the best when it comes to sound systems – to provide optimal, full-bodied sound. This is a lineup people in San Fran and Denver are begging for folks. Come get in on this.


Hope you are ready for some strange liquid bass from a hooded bandit. Liquid Stranger (aka Martin Stääf) is an industry heavyweight, having founded several record labels and collectives, all while releasing a total of eight albums over the course of his career.


Stääf just released his EP Renegade Crusade on Interchill Records, which he describes as a collision of dubstep sorcery and Rastafarian dance grooves. The mindblowing video below was made for one of the songs. The man is unstoppable and has more material, an album titled Anomaly, coming out on May 12th. Music has been in this Swedish producer’s blood from a young age, and it’s been impressive to see how his style has metamorphosized over the years.


We will also be welcoming KJ Sawka to our stage. He is an insanely talented drummer, having just spent two years touring with Australian electronic rock band Pendulum. He is also the drummer for Destroid, a heavy metal meets heavy bass supergroup with Excision and Downlink. He really doesn’t do too many solo sets, so this is going to be a treat.


Part Human (aka Brad Vorbeck) is a rising Connector artist. His debut EP, Neural Distortion, is being released at this event and we’re looking forward checking out what he has in store for us.

DJ Werk (aka Adam Burmeister) is a dubstep and drum and bass artist from St. Louis. He’s worked in every aspect of live music from promotion to production, and founded his own label, Wreckn Records. He’ll be getting the party started for us.

It’s going to be a night of some wonderfully heavy sounds, and you will probably look like this most of the time.


Yours truly is comin’ down from Peoria and am ready to get my brain rattled. But more importantly, it is Pleasure’s birthday so ladies, please see me if you’re interested in giving him a birthday lapdance and I’ll put you on the list if you meet the requirements. Fellas, buy him drinks all night; I’ll be enforcing this.

See you all tomorrow night.

Saturday, May 10, 2014
2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center
2720 Cherokee Street
St. Louis, MO 63118

Doors 8PM
Music 9PM – 1:00AM
$17 adv |  $20 dos + $5 surcharge for under 21



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Griz, Supervision, and Manic Focus Event Preview

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It’s no secret that Detroit’s financial mishaps within the last 50 years have been the topic of discussion any time the city is mentioned in the news, on TV or airwaves. For a countless number of unfortunate individuals that never get the chance to escape their situation they were most likely born into, their neighborhood filled with similar stories of depression and hard times become their lifetime reality. Living in a city riddled with problems completely out of control for most of it’s working class citizens doesn’t always come with a negative ending. Where some see desperation, others withdraw inspiration and Detroit’s music scene is rich with history, citing numerous success stories throughout a myriad of music genres.  Spin the wheel with all the music genres plastered upon it, and it’s guaranteed there is inspiration from the great Motor City. It should come to no surprise all this information preludes the introduction of yet another proud Detroit born musician surfing through the music scene with both a brand new album release and a nationwide tour to boot.  World, meet Grant Kwiecinski. We’re sure you most likely know him as the Detroit repping, saxophone toting, soul/funk/jazz/electronic music producing phenomenon “Griz”.


Before “Griz” was known as “Griz”, Grant started to play the saxophone at a ripe age of six years old.  Technically speaking, his first instrument was an Oboe, but that was shortly lived after some performance complications persuaded his parents to place him with a more user friendly instrument. Although heavily overshadowed by his live performances involving the saxophone, he continued to expand his instrumental proficiencies to include the guitar and piano. After graduating high school, Griz pursued a degree in Arts and Humanity. Due to his hectic travel schedule only allowing him to be at home at maximum a couple days of the week, he decided to channel his focus on touring and music production. Regardless of deciding to split ways, he is thankful for his college experience and utilizes the knowledge obtained with his current endeavors. In an extremely short period of time, Griz has managed to solidify his position in the music scene with countless numbers of performances and two stellar album releases sporting soulful melodies, cleverly sampled vocals, and breathtaking basslines. To celebrate his latest release “Rebel Era”, Griz is amidst a fall tour spanning the United States showcasing a brand new visual experience and is scheduled to be at 2720 Cherokee November 30th.


Griz does an excellent job of intertwining uplifting and soulful melodies with crunchy sounding electronic breakdowns. Switching back and forth from each element keeps you wanting more and more without growing weary too quickly of one genre. “Hard Times”, featured on the newest album “Rebel Era”, is a shining example of Griz’s ability to unearth of a rainbow emotions throughout the course of roughly five and a half minutes. While the title “Hard Times” may hold a relatively universal interpretation amongst all the listeners, you’ll quickly find yourself reminiscing of all your hard times and be briefly reminded that your past is just that;another page in the book we call life. “Hard Times” reminds us that we must overcome all future obstacles no matter the task, because life sure won’t stop for us.

We’re all different, but listening to this track reveals unity even in the hardest times imaginable. Beautiful, isn’t it? “Feel the Love” further encompasses the outcome of carefree, passion filled life could provide even if it’s just for the duration of six minutes of the song. Improvement is just that, correct? Small, progressive steps that’ll hopefully lead to a better outcome? We could go on and on about the rest of the album, but I feel I’m getting my point across pretty clear: “Rebel Era” is beautiful music that invokes emotional discovery. Admittedly, throughout the course of reading interview after interview in preparation of this article, I began to form a trust that the further I dug, the more I’d love his music without even beginning to explore “Rebel Era”. Griz’s humanitarian approach to life is a direct precursor to his music’s message.

Download FULL “Rebel Era” album for FREE

Other supporting talent:

.:| SuperVision |:.
SuperVision, has been working super hard to step up his production game with his latest EP release “Telekinetic” out June 4.

With a background on turntables spanning over 16 years, the Dallas, TX native paired his love of collecting music with harder hitting drums, advanced effects, fills, builds, drops, heavier sub bass, and texturized synth bass. The end result is
an EP of superior production quality and musical vision.

With “Telekinetic”, SuperVision picked premiere samples he uncovered while crate-digging all over the country during tour. “Ancient Souls” introduces sampling that could only be used with his newfound production techniques. “Until The Last Hours” has multiple samples from 70’s country vinyl dug up at Bill’s Records in Dallas, but the production remains completely electro hip hop. This record has heavy sub bass throughout, but “Play It Funky” is the truly the hardest hitting and will likely be an audience favorite.

“My intention with my music, is to make futuristic electronic hip hop beats. The process I use comes from the school of thought from early hip hop, more specifically the late 80’s early 90’s – digging up old records and chopping them up to make something entirely new. That period influenced my beat making more than any. I then give my tracks that powerful electronic build out because it’s fun, great for the dance floor, and I love doing it.

The coolest thing for me, is that I am with a crew who shares very similar views and is arguable the best at this style. I’m beyond thrilled to take part in the PLM movement.”

SuperVision plans on following up this record with a steady flow of remixes, collaborations, and singles this summer and fall. Fans can count on him to continue to push to new levels of skill, to grow as any master would, forever improving.
* *

.:| Manic Focus |:.
Manic Focus is the musical conception of John “JmaC” McCarten that breaks the bounds of the typical electronic music realm. Being classically-trained on piano at an early age, his musical talents have brought him through the realms of hip-hop beats and electronic music, having now evolved into the dynamic, bass-induced sounds of Manic Focus. A Minnesota native and recent transplant to Chicago, this producer is blowing up the EDM scene.

Manic Focus isn’t your typical electronic dance music. His first album, Definition of the Rhythm, provides a broad array of tracks, from energized electro hip-hop to tranquil, melodious grooves. His deep bass lines and popping beats drive the tracks along, while spellbinding melodies and carefully-chosen vocal samples entrance the listener. The essence of Manic Focus lies within his flawless production, weaving together rhythms and effects to create a sheer masterpiece every time.

His second album, Expanding Mind, showcases how Manic Focus is broadening his spectrum, going from dark, majestic sounds toward a funky, bass-laden dance vibe. Now dipping into the realms of house, drum & bass, and glitch-hop, Manic Focus is exploring new genres and continuing to produce pure musical magic along the way.

With continuous new releases and dates stacking up across the country, Manic Focus is on pace to take the music industry by storm. The talents of this producer create a spell-binding effect that only further showcases the evolution of his undeniable musical ability.

with local support from:

.:| Part Human vs Jon Metz |:.

* *
^Part Human ^

* *
^Jon Metz ^

Saturday, November 30, 2013
2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center
2720 Cherokee Street
St. Louis, MO 63118

Doors 8PM
Music 9PM – 1:00AM
$15 adv |  $20 dos + $5 surcharge for under 21



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