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  • Documentary on Camp Zoe

    Shakedown (documentary)

    The story of the music festival scene in Southern Missouri at Camp Zoe where Schwagstock's were held until 2010 until the federal government shut them down.

  • Oh yea! We can't wait to get Shpongled soon!

    Timeline Photos
    1st tune for the 6th album coming along nicely…
    Raj practising bass flute everyday…

    #RajaRam #Shpongle6 — with Carolina Vieira and Paula Matias.

  • PLM “Keeping It Crew” VIP TICKET GIVEAWAY!
    Here is your opportunity to win FREE VIP TICKETS to PLM “Keepin It Crew” tour f/ Michal Menert + Eliot Lipp + SuperVision + Paul Basic which include: early admission + side stage seating + artist meet & greet.

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    AFTER you have completed all 4 tasks: comment below. We will keep tabs on who is doing what and we will announce all 4 WINNERS on Tuesday September 23 at 5pm

  • St. Louis are you ready for this?

    Caspa b2b Rusko because we love you.

    Friday – 11/28 @ 2720 Cherokee – CASPA + The Others

    Saturday – 11/29 @ Old Rock House – RUSKO + The Widdler + Late Night Radio + Jphelpz v Bommer

    Brought to you by Connector & Homegrown Productions

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